Vincent’s ideal texture Creme Concealer has the ideal texture for blending around the eye area, where skin tissue is delicate, and over breakouts and surface discoloration. Professional coverage with all day comfortable wear.

  • Provides medium-to-full coverage of under eye circles, blemishes, hyper-pigmentation/discolorations and minor flaws.
  • Blends easily and invisibly into foundation so you can contour features for the most natural finish.
  • When set with powder, will not fade or build-up in fine lines and creases.

After applying base and foundation, locate remaining areas of uneveness.  Mix a small amount of creme concealer with a dab of foundation using VL Concealer Brush #25.  Cover the bristles with product, then lightly pinch them to leave the brush covered with just enough precisely matched product.   Using light taps and strokes, apply to discolorations.  We strongly recommend you finish with loose or pressed powder to prevent creasing and ensure an all-day wear.

Castor Seed Oil Isostearyl Palmitate Tricaprylin Lanolin Oil Patroitum Talc Carnauba Wax Ozokerite Beeswax Candelilla Wax Mineral Oil Paraffin Stearic Acid Probpylparaben Methylparaben Tocopheryl Acetate May Contain Titanium Dioxide Mica Iron Oxides

Price: $28.00