Gina Lash Tips are mounted on a ribbon about 1/3 the length of a natural lash line. The truncated length is perfectly designed to give a sexy, upward sweep just on the outer lash line, for the most visual impact with the least weight on the eyelid. Add natural length and volume using just the finger—no need for tweezers. Place along the outermost lash line for fuller, sensuous lashes. Gina Lash Tips also comes with one disposable Latex-Free Eyelash Adhesive.

First, remove Gina lashes from the lash tray and gently peel off from the ribbon of the faux lash tip any adhesive that may be remaining from packaging. Place a thin strip of fresh adhesive on the ribbon, and carefully position the lash tip along the outer corner of your natural lash line, staying as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible.  Hold in place for 10 seconds, then release the lash tip.  Allow the adhesive to set for one (1) minute. (For best results, apply a coat of mascara after fixing the lashes in place, making sure to sweep faux lash together with natural lash)

To remove, first take off your eye makeup with the Gina lash tips still in place.  Then gently lift the outer corner of the lash tip, and gradually peel the ribbon away from the natural lash line. The faux lash tip will easily detach itself from the eyelid. Clean any remaining eye makeup from the faux lash tips with Vincent Longo Olive Oil Fix Tip, or with a Q-tip dipped in Vincent Longo Double Swish Makeup Remover.

To store Gina lashes for reuse, place them on the lash tray so that they retain their shape.  A single pair of Gina lash tips will typically last for 3 or 4 uses.

NOTE: Always apply new or freshly cleaned faux lashes—never reuse faux lashes without first thoroughly removing any adhesive or makeup left from previous usage.

Lash: Nylon 
Latex-free Adhesive: Water (Aqua), 2 Ethy Hexylacrylate (2-BH), Methyl Methaerylate, Acrylate/Ethylhexyl), Ethyl Acrylate (Acrylate Copolymer), Methylacrylate-Acid.

Price: $16.50