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6 Secrets For Kissable Lips

Winter ravaged lips require pampering, so fight cold weather damage with a regime certain to make your pout soft and completely kissable! The frigid air outside coupled with the dry heat of an office environment can leave your lips in dire need of exfoliating and hydrating. Plus, once your lips are in super shape, you can play up fullness with the following secrets delivered straight from our make-up artist professionals here at Vincent Longo.

First step is to slough off all those dead cells sitting on the surface; you’ll want a smooth surface prior to staining lips with color. Create a gentle lip scrub for yourself at home with a clean toothbrush, sugar, and a little dash of honey. Mix the sugar and honey together to form a paste. Wet the brush, coat the bristles and revolve in a circular pattern to dispose of the flaky outer layer of skin. Rinse with cool water.

The next important step is hydration. For the softest results in record time, try our gel conditioner, Cushion Lips, a miracle for combating dryness. A sweep of Cushion Lips offers long-lasting conditioning that helps shield lips from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays with SPF 20. The uniquely neutral golden apple coloring compliments any skin tone, making Cushion Lips SPF 20 an indispensible part of your daily beauty routine.

Your prepped lips are ready for color! Stain lips with Lip & Cheek Gel Stain for an extremely long-wearing layer of color ideal for active lifestyles. This best-selling product is waterproof, kiss proof and works beautifully directly over moisturized lips and cheeks.


Use liner to provide balance. For added natural-looking fullness, slightly exaggerate the outer curve of lips. Our versatile Duo Lip Pencil has two artful shades of creamy, gentle color in one easy to use wand. Highlight the bow of lip with a touch of light colored shadow to give the appearance of a fuller top lip, and add a darker shadow right below the ridge of your bottom lip to create a fuller look.

Dab a dot of reflective gloss in the center of the lips, which bounces light and creates the illusion of fullness. Perfect Shine V Gloss full-body, non-waxy formula layers light-catching pigment on lips while it moisturizes, leaving your lips looking camera-ready and feeling soft as silk. This innovative product and make-up artist favorite helps to increase the volume of your lips without plumping them up like those bee sting, or Cajun pepper infused glosses (which can leave lips dry, scaled and unevenly swollen). A unique plumper developed from a natural tripeptide fully hydrates the lip surface and volumizes fine lines, so you get a perfect natural pout with superstar-quality sheen every time.

Remember maintenance is the secret to lip success, our winter survival prescription requires that you drink plenty of water and moisturize before bedtime. Coconut and olive oils make great substitutes for balm at night, just a small swipe will heal cracked lips while you get your beauty sleep!

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