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Abstract Marble Lip

For the truly creative and adventurous, there is no limit to your cosmetic imagination! Taking cues from abstract art, a marble lip look communicates high editorial drama topped with a glossy coat of glamour!
Not every look is meant to last. This is not going to be makeup that stays put, it will come off your lips as soon as you eat or drink. Sometimes an unusual beauty statement grabs attention, so it’s okay if it fades quickly. This is a fantastic look for photo ops, playtime or anytime when you are trying to capture an outrageous element of fun!

Abstract Marble Lip - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

The first step is to build the color palette for your “art” but mixing some bright lip colors. It’s best to work with no more than 4 colors (we have used 3 different hues in our tutorial); anything more can start to look too muddy. You won’t be happy with the results!

Try to keep in mind that contrast will create the biggest impact. Select 1 very light shade and 1 dark for the best visual benefit. For a metallic finish, look for shadows that have an iridescent texture. Wet Diamond Eyeshadow has high-tech, light reflective pearls baked into a soft, full-color formula. Applied dry, it spreads a sheer veil of dazzling, diamond shadow over eyelids. Used wet, it goes on like a shimmering brilliant cream that lasts for hours without creasing!

Our color mix here includes Genie Pop, the lightest in our selected range, a shimmering copper penny. The darkest tone below is Metropolitan, a vivid purple. Mermaid Blu is a dark royal, which is somewhat close to Metropolitan on the color wheel, making it an ideal blending partner (they work well together!).

Once you've assembled the shadows you will be using, grab a small container that you can easily mix a tiny amount of product in. Scrape some of the eyeshadow into the container and squeeze in a bit of lip conditioner, like VL’s Cushion Lips, Contains soothing Aloe Vera and blend of natural oils to keep lips hydrated and healthy.

Mix together until you create a creamier than paste consistency (nothing too liquid or it will run). Don't use up ALL of the shadow to create the lip color because you'll need a coordinating powder to set the ‘lip crème’ in a later step.

Abstract Marble Lip - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Now its time to lay your base colors! Use your 2 main colors (lightest and darkest) and start at the center of the upper and lower lip. Try to be precise when you're working at the edge of the lip so that it looks neat, using the #35 Lip Brush will help to keep you within the lines!

Set the color by tapping the eyeshadow over the ‘lip crème’ you’ve crafted, with the #18 Small Eyeshadow Brush. Once you have the base colors laid out, you need to add spots of color and blend out the edges for an artful transition. We spotted randomly on the lips, being careful not to try to squeeze too much in on the limited lip surface. Set the creme colors like you did earlier with eyeshadow and a #18 Brush, but use an EXTREMELY light hand at the edges of each color spot to blend into each other.

Abstract Marble Lip - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Time to make it shine!!! Use your fingertips to carefully tap on your shiniest gloss (nothing too liquidy that could run the lip colors). We like the consistency and shine of Lip Gelli in Aria, for a totally non-sticky sheen! Tap the gloss over your work very gently so that it sits on top of the color. Do not stroke it! You don't disrupt the work beneath it. The purpose of this step is simply to finish off the lip by painting it to appear super glossy! You are officially a work of art!

Abstract Marble Lip - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

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