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Bridal Makeup Look #3

A formal wedding calls for sophisticated glamour, so if you are pulling out all the stops to create a red carpet worthy event you’ll want your style to communicate the same level of elegance.

A classic red lip with a graceful flick of black liquid eyeliner equals easy make up that translates beautifully on camera. For thousands of years, from Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie, women have been using this ‘cat eye’ technique to emphasize eyes for maximum impact.

What’s most important is to remember to keep the color on your lids subtle. You don’t want too much smoky shadow hiding the liner (and you don’t want your cosmetics to appear costume-y either!).

GET THE LOOK: #3 - Classic Red Lip and Winged Liner

Bridal Makeup Look #3

Start with a tiny drop of primer on the eyelids. This will extend the wear of any shadow you apply. Select a flesh-toned shadow with a soft pearl to illuminate without overdoing it. VL’s Wet Diamond Eyeshadow in Dawn Flesh provides the perfect base; light reflective pearls in a creamy soft baked powder make this shadow unlike any other.

Create a wing at the outer corners of upper lashline by extending the edge of the liner on an upward, diagonal angle, using black liquid eyeliner. Stay as close to your natural lash line as possible, thinning out the line as it nears the inner corner of your eye. Vincent’s Vibrant Eye Waterproof Liner in Nerino combines intense pigment long lasting wear, and a beautiful glossy sheen. Perfect for creating starlet eyes! A short fine brush picks up just the right amount of liner fluid and the tiny brush lays flat against the lash line without fanning, so you can create a precise, thin stroke.

Now it’s time for faux lashes! Our Gina Lash Tips have a truncated length that’s designed to give a sexy, upward sweep just on the outer lash line, for the most visual impact with the least weight on the eyelid.

Bridal Makeup Look #3

Apply Lip Cheek Gel Stain in Liquid Kiss to well moisturized cheeks, and add a lot of it! This will be the base for your cheek color and will keep it lasting throughout the party.

By applying foundation after the stain, it will give the appearance of a natural glowing flush that radiates from within. Dew Finish Foundation is a water resistant, lightweight, cushiony fluid that blends evenly and is excellent for keeping your complexion soft and flawless. Set cheek color with a touch of pink cream blush, such as Water Canvas Blush in Swan Lake, to balance the lips.

Bridal Makeup Look #3

Create a reddish stain lip base to match with the Lip & Cheek Gel Stain in Liquid Kiss. Top with neutral based long-wearing lipstick in red, our Thinstick Lipstick in London has an incredibly smooth and creamy texture. The moisture rich water resistant formula stays vibrant and will not feather to ensure that your lip color lasts.

BONUS TIP: Apply a heavy coating of Vaseline to lips while in the process of applying other cosmetics to create a smooth, crack free surface for the stain and lipstick to attach to!

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