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Cangiante Demi-Mattes: New Shadows To Fall For

Cangiante Dimensional Demi-Mattes are VL’s newest shadows, with a luxurious velvety texture that blends seamlessly and can be applied wet or dry for a variety of finishes. The formula offers extreme versatility so you can apply a sheer wash of color, or amp things up and build a saturated, dramatic, look with long wearing impact! Cangiante Demi-Matte Shadows layer beautifully with other products and are enriched with Vitamin E to hydrate delicate skin in the eye area.

With a nod to the music of the 90’s that captured our hearts, a palette of the Fall-tastic colors range from Don’t Speak (dove gray), to Ironic (a cork brown) and Intergalactic (rich aubergine).

Shadows to Fall For - VIncent Longo Cosmetics

Create a golden ivory highlight for eyes with Cangiante Dimensional Eyeshadow in Wannabe and a #22 Large Eyeshadow Brush. Dust shadow onto the brow bone, keeping above the crease line of the lid.

Add your base of the contour crease with the Brown side of our Duo Eye Pencil in Brown/Fawn Silk. Two shades in one generous size pencil glide on smoothly for easy blending and smoky, smudgy, sexy eyes! Blend out the pencil leaving no trace of a line but just a soft foundation color that feathers out. Intensify this crease definition by dipping the #22 Large Eyeshadow Brush into Ironic Cangiante Dimensional Eyeshadow and blending to produce a smoky look on top of your liner.

Next focus on the outer crease area of the eye, deepening the color with Cangiante Dimensional Eyeshadow in Intergalactic and a #18 Small Eyeshadow Brush.

Shadows to Fall For - VIncent Longo Cosmetics

Now moving on to the lower lash line! Apply the Raisin Carnet shade from our Duo Eye Pencil in Raisin Carnet/Esmeralda under lashes and smudge this line with the #18 Small Eyeshadow Brush. Increase intensity by again smudging on top of that line you’ve just created, this time with the #18 Brush and Intergalactic Cangiante Dimensional Eyeshadow. Also add the Raisin Carnet pencil into the waterline for a great pop of color!

Cangiante Demi-Mattes- New Shadows To Fall For_3_final touches

Go back to the top lid and dab a little of Cangiante Dimensional Eyeshadow in Ironic onto the center of the lid with the #18 Brush. That’s a trick to brighten the eye! Line your upper lids at the lashline with the Brown/Fawn Silk Duo Eye Pencil, and then blend this line with a #33 Flat eyeshadow Brush.

Shadows to Fall For - VIncent Longo Cosmetics

Outline lips with the Passion shade from the Passion/Spring Rose Duo Lip Pencil and fill in with Velvet Riche Lip Lacquer in Felicity using a #36 Travel Lip Brush. A soft peach neutral that offers incredible color depth and subtle shine, VL’s Lip Lacquer’s are the newest way to get full, sensuous lips!

Cangiante Demi-Mattes- New Shadows To Fall For_final1 Cangiante Demi-Mattes- New Shadows To Fall For_final2 Shadows to Fall For - VIncent Longo Cosmetics


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