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Contour + Highlight Duo

The quickie route to a sculpted look is finally here! VL’s new Contour + Highlight Duo Stylo features a distinctively creamy, easily blendable formula that sets to a powder finish. The pencil applicator allows for maximum control and works to define features for a subtly sculpted face that’s flawless. A multi-function contour and highlighter, you can effortlessly create natural definition with this duo!

Our retractable design does not require sharpening and can be used alone or with foundation. The universal contour shade works on all skin tones to create shadows, while the highlighter mimics light reflection to pull features forward. A lightweight texture adheres to skin seamlessly, delivering picture-perfect results. With a touch of the finger or a sponge applicator, cheeks appear raised and chiseled, jawlines are more defined and noses look perfectly sculpted.

The Contour + Highlight Duo can be used on all of your facial features to enhance and refine everything from lips to cheekbones!

CONTOUR + HIGHLIGHT DUO - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

For cheekbones that stand out, apply the Contour portion to the hollows of cheeks and outwards towards the temple. This creates a shadow, making your face appear thinner. Now load a Water Canvas Sponge with your personal shade of Water Canvas Foundation, and blur the line so that there are no harsh edges. Press and roll lightly to get the desired effect, but don’t overdo it or you will remove the line you’ve just produced!

Next give the apples of your cheeks a little warm color with the Chiara Flush Stick in Ardensa, and blend with your fingertips. Lastly, draw directly on to the most pronounced area of the bone with the Highlight, and blend this with the Water Canvas Sponge until you achieve the desired effect.

CONTOUR + HIGHLIGHT DUO - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

To shorten or just shade the forehead, add the Contour from the Duo around the hairline by making gradual marks. Load your Water Canvas Foundation onto the sponge and blend out the color. By crafting a shadow along the hairline, a new visual is established, giving the appearance of a shorter forehead. Next draw in the center of the forehead and a touch above the eyebrows with the Highlight, and blend gently with a sponge to avoid lines.

CONTOUR + HIGHLIGHT DUO - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Picture yourself with a bigger, super sexy pout? Try using the Contour under the bottom lip, making a mark directly under the nose between the cupids bow. Load your sponge with Water Canvas Foundation and blend the Contour color gently. Apply the Highlight to your upper lip and outside the lower lip line, to generate the appearance of larger lips. Gently blend this again with a sponge.

CONTOUR + HIGHLIGHT DUO - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Contour along the sides of the nose and apply a small amount to the tip on the bottom. This will slim and shorten the overall length of your nose. Load a sponge with Water Canvas Foundation and blend the Contour out gently. Place the Highlight down the center of the nose with a light hand and blend slightly with your sponge.

CONTOUR + HIGHLIGHT DUO - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

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