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Fall 2015 Alternative Glamour Collection

It’s always sad to say goodbye to the summer sunshine, but the upside is that it’s finally time to starting thinking about fabulous fall fashion! Primary plaids, jewel toned furs, luxe fabrics and cozy sweaters…the runway was filled with beautiful pieces that will have you falling for fall!

It’s also time for you to begin transitioning your makeup wardrobe, moving away from sheer washes and candy colored pastels to richer hues that better capture the autumn theme. Our new fall eyeshadow and lip lacquers are 90’s inspired, with names to match!

Opulent shades are reminiscent of the strong color worn by supermodels such as Christy, Linda, and Cindy, with a nod to the brooding music and grunge-meets-glamour fashion of the era.

The Alternative Glamour Collection pairs cutting-edge innovations with new colors and finishes in VL’s best-selling formulas. Soft, delicate elements tempered with bold shades harness the power of the feminine!

With a demi-matte finish and a velvety touch of lush color, the weightless texture of our new Cangiante Dimensional Eyeshadows are available in 5 decadent shades that can be worn alone for a subtle effect, or layered for a more seductive, dramatic look. The formula is packed with Vitamin E to protect the delicate eyelid skin for comfortable wear.

The 90’s music scene produced icons such as Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morrissette and Biggie Smalls, just a few of the amazing artists always worth revisiting! Our shadows are shaped by the hugest hits of the decade!

Fall 2015 Alternative Glamour Collection - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Fall 2015 Alternative Glamour Collection - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Fall 2015 Alternative Glamour Collection - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Fall 2015 Alternative Glamour Collection - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Fall 2015 Alternative Glamour Collection - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

These shadows are extremely versatile; they can be used wet or dry (here they have been used dry) depending on your desire for shadow impact! Try the #33 Flat Eyeshadow Brush for great pigment load and easy blending. When applying wet, a synthetic brush like the Creme/Liner Brush works best, add a dab of Water Canvas Primer to really pop the color.

Velvet Riche Lip Lacquers coat lips with an incredible depth of color and just a hint of shine to create a full, sensual look! Infused with Vitamin E to keep lips soft, this comfortable, silky formula glides on evenly, leaving lips looking gorgeously irresistible. Available in 3 shades that each pack a powerful 90’s punch!

Who do we think of when considering strong female characters during this time period? The most obsessed about shows included the wry wit of MTV’s Daria, the honest contemplation of teenager-ness by Claire Danes’ version of Angela Chase in My So Called Life, and a girl embarking on womanhood exploring her limits in Felicity (including a new look, who can forget when Keri Russell cut her hair?!). VL has built a color palette for fall that’s completely based on these famous trendsetters, from Angela’s grungy wine-stained look to Felicity’s subtle, romantically pretty pout, even Daria’s disapproving thin red lip line provided just the right 90’s inspiration!

Lip Lacquer in Angela

Lip Lacquer in Felicity

Lip Lacquer in Daria

For long lasting color, outline lips first to prevent feathering and lip line bleed through. Our Duo Lip Pencils are double-sided, featuring 2 complementary shades of creamy color. The resilient formula remains intact and is smudge-resistant, plus, the pencil sharpens to a fine point without breakage! For Daria, try the Chocolate/Naked Duo Lip Pencil. Felicity works best with Roseberry/Springrose, and the Wine/Rosewood pencil matches up nicely with Angela!

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