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How To Build An Arched Brow The Right Way

Sometimes dramatically arched eyebrows can look too severe, making you appear slightly angry or upset. No one wants a hostile brow takeover! Here are some tips and tricks for creating a natural looking arch that is strongly defined, yet tamed and secured perfectly into place.

Arched Brow - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

The first step is always to sharpen your brow pencil. Our Everbrow Micro Pencil comes with a small sharpener that narrows the pencil to an ultra-fine point, enabling you to get to the most hard-to-reach areas of the brow. Ensures flawless shaping!

Arched Brow - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

What’s the key? A natural-looking arch has everything to do with placement. Using a brow pencil in a color closely resembling your own natural shade, plot the 3 key points for an arched brow. Use a straight edge (a brush handle, pen or ruler will do the trick!) to line up the points on the face.

The first point you will plot is at the front of your brow, which should line up directly above the outside of the nostril and eye duct. Draw a short line to mark the front of the brow.

The second point you will plot is the arch. Look directly forward and line the straight edge with the outside of the pupil. Mark the point where the straightedge hits the brow with a tiny dot.

The final point is the end of the brow, or the “tail.” Line up your straightedge with the edge of the nostril, and the outer corner of the eye. Plot the third point where the straightedge meets the brow.

Arched Brow - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Outline the shape of the brow using short pencil strokes. Start by drawing strokes from the front at the bottom of the brow to the arch point. Then do the same from the front at the top of the brow, and draw strokes to the arch point. Now do the same from the arch point to the tail. For a more dramatic arch, start the bottom front of the brow a little below where it naturally starts.

PRO TIP: For a truly natural look, repeat this process using a brow pencil one shade lighter than your natural brow hairs.

Arched Brow - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Now that you have outlined the shape of your brows, use the #12 Brow Brush to fill in your brows using the powder side of Bi Brow Powder Pomade. Powder adheres to hairs developing natural volume, while the sheer tint of our non-greasy pomade leaves a soft luster that enriches the color of brows.

Arched Brow - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Dip a Lash Comb (or our #10 Brow and Lash Brush) into the pomade side of Bi Brow Powder Pomade and comb brows upward. Then comb the top of the brows over slightly so that the brow top is neatly groomed and all hairs are arranged in the same direction. This will also allow the hairs you have to conceal any sparse areas.

Arched Brow - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

To make the brow look crisp and stand out, carve out the brow with concealer. Select a creamy concealer that matches your skin tone, or try one shade lighter to pump up the contrast. For professional grade, medium-to-full coverage color, our Creme Concealer hides without tell tale lines, blending beautifully into skin. Dip the #25 Concealer Brush into your concealer and wipe away any excess product from the brush before beginning.

Using one even stroke, begin tracing the area just below the front of the brow and follow to the arch, then pivot and move toward the end. Repeat above the brow area to further define the arch line.

Arched Brow - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

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