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Lip Pencil Tricks

Tips and Tricks for under and overdrawing your lips!

Amplify thin lips, redefine any uneven areas and create the look of your dreams! A full, luscious look is just a few steps away! Or maybe you need to tone it down a little? Whether you want to minimize or maximize, the VL professional artists can help you along the way.

As a bonus, liner also helps lipstick and gloss last, containing color bleeding and preventing feathering. Remember to always begin with hydration, and swipe clean before continuing on the path to perfect lips!

Lip Pencil Tricks - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

You’ll need to start with a clean base so that you can properly reshape the lips. Apply Creme Concealer with the #25 Concealer Brush to the outside area of the lips, choosing a color closest to your natural skin tone. Our professional grade concealer offers all day coverage, blending easily and invisibly, leaving no tell-tale edges behind!

It is essential to pat a thin layer of powder on top to matte away any shine that would draw attention (the opposite of what we want!). Try Velour Pressed Powder and a Deluxe Velour Puff, for an ultra-sheer, clean application. The velour fibers disperse powder evenly, for a smooth effect, and Velour Powder has a silky texture that delivers a flawless finish.

Now draw just inside the upper and lower lip lines, to produce the look of a smaller lip! Duo Lip Pencils feature two complementary shades of creamy resilient color that remains intact and is smudge-resistant. Tan/Chino is a great neutral, select a nude tone to blend the lips in so the new shape isn’t so noticeable.

Lastly, cover the newly established lip area with Thinstick Lipstick in Baby (a light, mauvey nude) with a #35 Deluxe Lip Brush. Vitamin E nourishes and protects, and the longwearing formula produces vivid color in a demi-matte finish.

Lip Pencil Tricks - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Wipe the corners of the lip you just created (above). Add a little Creme Concealer with a #25 Concealer Brush into the corners and gently pat Velour Pressed Powder with a Deluxe Velour Puff. This will not only reduce shine, but visually minimize the width of your mouth.

Next use the same Duo Lip Pencil in Tan/Chino (dark khaki or fawn brown, depending on your natural skin tone) and line just inside the corners of the mouth. Fill in with Thinstick in Baby and the #35 Deluxe Lip Brush.

Lip Pencil Tricks - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Now we will do the opposite and exaggerate the lip using a brighter color to attract the eye and make a statement! Begin with a red liner, such as our Duo Lip Pencil in Red/Coralo Red and overdraw your lip line on the top and then the bottom.

Fill in with Thinstick in London, a classic red, and your #35 Deluxe Lip Brush. Finish with a bit of shine by using the red shade from our Lovisco Lip Palette applied again with the lip brush. Dip the tip of the brush and dab onto the center of your lips, feathering out a little. A touch of gloss gives the illusion of a fuller, totally maximized lip!

Lip Pencil Tricks - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

A quick trick to widen the lips! Take your Duo Lip Pencil in Red/Coralo Red and extend the sides of the mouth (just a bit!) for both the top and bottom, to lengthen the appearance of the edges.

Lip Pencil Tricks - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

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