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Mattify Your Lipstick

A great way to update your favorite lipstick is to draw the shine out, effectively matte-ing the surface of your lips after application. Any lipstick can be texturally altered to create an even, matte appearance. It’s a quick transformation that professional make up artists use behind the scenes, a popular trick that we now pass on to you!

Remember that it is always best to start off with lips that are properly exfoliated and moisturized. This is particularly important when creating a matte look, because the color will cling to any flaky bits of skin that are dry. Combine a little sugar and olive oil for a homemade scrub, rub gently over lips with the tips of your fingertips, and then leave on for a few minutes for absorption. Rinse off with cool water.

Mattify Your Lipstick - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Start with your customary lipstick shade, any gloss or satin formula will work. Our model is wearing Creme Pearl Lipstick in Tawny Spice (a shimmering rose brown). Light reflective pearls in sophisticated shades deliver intense, fabulous color, while a natural peptide complex firms and plumps, leaving lips visibly fuller.

Mattify Your Lipstick - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Use a standard facial tissue and separate the 2 layers so that you have one sheer sheet. This technique works best with a standard, non-moisturizing type of facial tissue, so avoid anything with additional lotion or aloe.

Mattify Your Lipstick - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Load a Velour Powder Puff with a generous amount of Perfect Canvas Loose Powder in Porcelain. The feather light texture blends easily for a totally invisible finish that’s smooth and matte. Place one layer of the tissue directly on to your lips. Roll the Velour Powder Puff over the tissue above your lips and repeat this a few times until you achieve the desired result.

Mattify Your Lipstick - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Your lipstick has now been mattified!!!

Bonus Tip: For a more intense matte look you can also use the #35 Deluxe Lip Brush to thinly layer the Perfect Canvas Loose Powder in Porcelain directly over your lipstick.

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