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Popsicle Stained Lips

Try a summer slick of color that stains and shines, just like a real popsicle would! In tribute to National Ice Cream Month, wear a bright lip in your favorite flavor for a summertime treat that costs zero calories…but makes for a super saturated, sexy smile!

Popsicle Stained Lips - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Prep yours lips for the stain by applying Cushion Lips first and allowing it to absorb for at least a few minutes to hydrate and moisten. Containing soothing Aloe Vera and a blend of natural oils to soften and heal, Cushion Lips also has a unique golden apple color that complements all skin tones, accentuating natural flesh undertones.

Wipe off the balm by lightly blotting with a clean tissue. You’ll want lips to feel nourished, but don’t leave any of the product behind! Your stain will not adhere properly, appearing splotchy instead of sticking evenly to the lips.

Create the base color for your stain by applying a coat of Lip Cheek Gel Stain in Cupid’s Breath (a warm peach) to the lips. This dual-purpose stain is extremely long-wearing and layers directly over moisturized lips to deliver a beautiful wash of sheer color. Let your lips dry before moving forward.

Next we will be creating the ombre/popsicle effect by applying the Unione Lip Stylo in Cinabra, a vivid coral red with just a hint of orange, using the #35 Deluxe Lip Brush.

Lush color in a sharpenable stylo has a rich texture that sets smoothly, for effortless application and comfortable all day wear. Apply towards the inner part of both your upper and lower lips. This is where the color should appear to be the deepest. Now blend the color as you move outward towards the edges of the lip.

Make the lip super glossy by patting on a ton of Perfect Shine Lip Gloss in a neutral shade that won’t interfere with the base you’ve already built, try Baci XXX, dabbed on top with the #35 Deluxe Lip Brush. The full-bodied, non-waxy formula produces a high gleam that has a lightweight, cushiony feel.

You can create the same look with the colors and products listed below. Same steps as above, just a different color palette!

Popsicle Stained Lips - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Popsicle Stained Lips - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Popsicle Stained Lips - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

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