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Positively Trendy: Negative Space Eyeliner

Less is definitely more when playing with negative space! Allowing a little glimpse of skin to show through creates a dramatic outline on the lid. The look is half rock star, half runway model, and yet, totally you! Take your normal winged cat eye to an entirely new liner level!

Negative Space Eyeliner - Vincent Loingo Cosmetics

Select a creamy or gel based black eyeliner, such as our luxurious Crème Gel Liner, which pairs cutting edge gel technology with unexpected dreamy pearls that whisper at every blink of the eye! Each richly pigmented shade is enhanced with a subtle pearl finish that gives added depth and dimension without ever looking dull or flat. Using the #11 Slanted Liner Brush to create a precise line, drawing as close to your lash line as possible, and extend to the edge of the eye as you would normally apply your eyeliner. Add as much of a wing as you see fit to the end, a slight upward sweep pulls eyes upwards. Or go big and emphasize with an all out triangular shaped wing.

Negative Space Eyeliner - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Now use the same #11 Brush draw from the wing to the inner corner of the eye, like you would a normal cat eye, but leave room between top and bottom line. This will build the ‘outer wing,’ making the negative space smaller towards the inner eye. Try drawing the line in small strokes to make application easier! Use a Q-Tip and makeup remover for any mistakes, or keep our Olive Oil Fix Tip handy for the easiest quick-fix solution to any minor make up mishap! The nourishing olive oil based formula allows for removal without having to reapply your whole face.

Negative Space Eyeliner - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Finish off the look with Volume Plus Mascara for full bodied, high volume lashes. And don’t skimp, apply two coats for lashes that really wow! The rich, velvety formula contains peptides to increase lash thickness, strengthen and promote lash growth. You’ll have healthy, beautiful lashes that are long lasting and flake free!

Negative Space Eyeliner - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

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