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Simple Costuming For Halloween: Feline Jungle Cat

The right makeup can make or break a costume, so this Halloween why not try a little creative cosmetic magic? Transform your face into a feline jungle cat, ready to pounce on your party night prey!

VL’s new Cangiante Dimensional Demi-Matte Eyeshadows are the ideal match for this high drama look; the wet/dry formula delivers a variety of finishes and layers beautifully with other textures. Enriched with Vitamin E for hydration and to help protect delicate skin in the eye area, these decadent hues can be worn alone for a subtle effect and pumped up with multiple applications for a more seductive, pigment driven shadow.

Step 1

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

Begin with a solid ivory base, Cangiante Dimensional Demi-Matte Eyeshadow in Wannabe will create a golden ivory sheen. Apply all over the lid using the #33 Flat Eyeshadow Brush.

Next darken the crease of your lids with the medium cocoa shade (the center color) from our Baby Dome Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Terrachino. Try using the double-ended eyeshadow brush from the Petite Brush Collection to get that shape right! Now create depth on the outer corners of the lids with the darkest brown from the Terrachino palette, again, using the double-ended shadow brush.

Make the center of your lids shimmer by dabbing a bit of Pearl X Eyeshadow in Gypsy Rose (a rosy gold) on to the middle with the #18 Small Eyeshadow Brush. These sophisticated, multi-textured eye shadows has complementary shades of matte and pearl that effortlessly blend and shift as you apply.

Step 2

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

Lighten under the bottom lash line with our Ivory Pro-Waterproof Pencil, keeping it thinner on the outer corner, gradually becoming thicker as you move towards the inner corner. Use the #33 Flat Eyeshadow Brush to pack on a layer of Cangiante Wannabe shadow over the ivory pencil. This will build a more impactful color statement!

Step 3

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

To create a cat-like winged effect, use black creamy or liquid eyeliner such as Blu Raven Crème Gel Liner on the top using our #11 Slanted Liner Brush. For a bolder emphasis, try the Ebony Pro-waterproof pencil applied carefully within the waterline of your bottom lash line.

Step 4

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

For super big, flirty lashes apply the falsies of your choice to both the upper and lower lash lines. Vincent Longo Latex Free Lash Adhesive is super easy to work with, the adhesive formula is tinted for easy visible application, and dries clear for invisible wear.

Step 5

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

Using Bi-Brow Powder Pomade fill in brows with the powder using a #12 Liner/Eyebrow Brush, and then use the #10 Brow/Lash Comb with the pomade to comb hairs upwards. You want to give more of a primal, wild look to your brows!

Step 6

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

Using the concealer hidden in the cap of VL’s Ultra Light Canvas Tinted Moisturizer highlight the forehead, down the nose, the cheek, and above the lip and chin using a #25 Concealer Brush. Ingeniously packaged with an antioxidant-rich, color-coordinated professional Crème Concealer in the cap, this versatile tinted moisturizer perfectly blends skincare and makeup achieving a dewy, sheer-to-medium coverage that gives skin a radiant, soft, and smooth-looking appearance. Blend out the areas that were just highlighted with a wedge sponge.

Step 7

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

Contour and define your feline features using the #22 Large Eyeshadow Brush with Sun-Drenched La Riviera Matte Bronzer. Brush along the sides of the forehead, down the sides of the nose, moving from the ear down and then around the cheek area. Use the #30 Deluxe Powder Brush to blend out the matte color and blend the highlighted areas together.

Step 8

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

Using the Pro-waterproof Pencil in Ebony, draw on a cat nose and fill in with the pencil. Now get some pigment from the pencil on to a #11 Slanted Brush and use that to draw a vertical line linking your nose to the upper lip. Then trace along the lips to start creating the cat mouth.

Using the Everbrow Brow Pencil dot along the upper lip on each side to create the appearance of where the whiskers would be.

Step 9

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

Pump up the highlight on your cheeks with a dusting of La Bella Luce Highlighter in Patina, using the #27 Deluxe Blush Brush. Multi-tonal, silky powders provide a signature glow for any skin tone, creating an ethereal glow with luminescent pearls that reflect light to brighten every complexion.

Step 10

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

Coat Lips with a full bodied pink lipstick, such as our Velvet Riche in Indie Rose. Vibrant long lasting color in a cushiony creamy base contains anti-aging ingredients to nourish and protect. Apply a thin layer with the #36 Travel Lip Brush over lips, blot, then apply a second layer for lasting coverage.

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

Feline Jungle Cat - Vincent Longo Cosmetics - Halloween

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