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  • Holiday Look 1 - Soft Shimmering Eye with Berry Lip

    Holiday parties demand a cosmetic plan of attack! A work related function calls for soft makeup that emphasizes without being overly dramatic, while a glamorous cocktail party gives you an excuse to go all out with smoky, sexy eyes. The VL artistry team has you covered with holiday looks for all occasions, so tune in over the few weeks as we show you how to create multiple holiday looks that can be tailored to match the many celebrations coming your way!

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  • Makeup For Headshots

    A headshot is usually the first, and sometimes the only chance you have to make an impression. You’ll want to hide imperfections from the camera’s flash while adding effective cosmetic enhancement, for a professional photo that gets you noticed!

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  • Contour: Sculpting The Face

    If nature did not supply the full, lush lips of your dreams, or cheekbones that could cut through glass...defy reality with a few tips from the professional makeup artists here at Vincent Longo!

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  • No Makeup Makeup

    Calvin Klein said it best, "The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural." With a little cosmetic tweaking, you can easily achieve a no-make up look that is naturally beautiful. Flawless skin speaks for itself!

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  • Homecoming Look 2

    Focus on the eye for a sultry look that will get you noticed! A smoldering shade of purple complements every eye color, highlighting brown, blue and green eyes with a contrasting shock of shadow.

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  • Homecoming Look 1


    Homecoming Looks: Wine Drenched Lips & Sheer Shimmer Eye

    It’s easy to create the ultimate glamour girl glow for the dance! A bold wine lip is on trend this season, giving lips dark drenched drama. Pair it up with a gentle version of the classic winged liner and pearly shadow for a pin up look that’s soft, feminine and sexy!

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  • How To Fake A Good Night's Sleep

    Beauty sleep; necessary but often elusive! Whether it’s work or play that keeps you up too late, you’ll want to appear refreshed the morning after. You can still look great even without those requisite 8-hours of rest, it just takes a few tricks from our VL team of makeup professionals.

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  • Bleached Out Face

    It’s not the natural look, it’s a deliberate washing of color from the face, instead focusing on contouring to emphasize your features. Proenza Schouler’s Fall 2014 show mastered the subtle bleach out with a series of models in super neutrals, creating the ultimate nude color palette.

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  • Preparing Skin for Makeup Application

    To achieve a look that stays put all day long, start with smooth dry skin that has been properly prepped! With just a few easy steps, you can ensure that the makeup you apply in the morning wears better, giving your face a fresh, vibrant glow that lasts until you take it off.

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  • 5 Chic Summer Makeup Looks That Use Only 3 Products Each Part Two

    Summer trends should be easy and give you an effortless glow that works between sun up and sundown. We worked with to create a series of inspirational how-to’s that focus on quick summer beauty at it’s best! With just a few steps you can highlight eyes, lips and cheeks – go soft and choose a natural palette, or heat things up with summery brights!

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