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  • Grooming Tips For Men

    Although as women we may envy the male population for being able to ‘roll out of bed’ and go, sometimes, guys need a little cosmetic help too. Good grooming habits don’t come naturally, a lesson that teenage girls learn quickly! Boys don’t necessarily go through the same life stages, so as an adult, your man may need some advice from the experts.

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  • Preparing Skin for Makeup Application

    To achieve a look that stays put all day long, start with smooth dry skin that has been properly prepped! With just a few easy steps, you can ensure that the makeup you apply in the morning wears better, giving your face a fresh, vibrant glow that lasts until you take it off.

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  • Men's Grooming

    Come on guys, there is a whole new world out there where men need not fear a little primping now and then. Sure, a close shave and a well groomed head of hair always makes for a good look, but sometimes you’ll want to go beyond the basic for complete confidence.

    There is no shame in hiding minor flaws! We ladies do it every day! Out of control brows, stray gray hairs, the occasional blemish – all these are easily fixable, just let the professional make up artists here at Vincent Longo guide you on the path to manly perfection!

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