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  • Travel Beauty Guide: Tips For Looking Fresh On Long-Haul Flights

    Long haul flights are extremely rough on the body. Constant exposure hour after hour to recycled air with a low humidity content causes dehydration, leaving skin drab and starved for moisture. A sedentary position restricts the flow of blood and oxygen making you lethargic and can often result in puffiness from water retention. Add a lack of sleep to the mix and you have a recipe for beauty disaster!

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  • How To Fix Your Broken Eyeshadow

    Everyone has experienced that “uh oh” moment when a brand new eyeshadow compact hits the floor, leaving you with a sad puzzle of cracked powder pieces to contend with. Fear not! There’s no need to trash it, because with just a few steps you can repair and reuse the remaining product.

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Wearing False Lashes

    For flirty lashes that add some serious wow factor, you simply need to know how to apply, how to remove and how to reuse! At what stage of make up application is lash adhesion best attempted? You’ll also learn exactly when to apply lashes, and how to properly blend lashes together with your own for a natural look.

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  • Makeup Care and Storage

    You’ll want to protect your cosmetic investments by always taking good care of what you buy – makeup is particularly sensitive to environmental factors!

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  • The Brush Up

    Having a handful of key brushes is essential to expert makeup application. Good brushes have the skills designed within so the user can focus on technique. You’ll want to build n arsenal of cosmetic tools so that’s you always have the right brush for the job!

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  • Tricks of the Makeup Trade

    The pros have lots of tips and tricks they have learned along the way, and in the event of a make up emergency, they know exactly what to do. You just need a backstage pass to see what goes on behind the scenes!

    Hack your own cosmetics case and learn how to handle dried out mascara, make lipstick last, or transform any eyeliner into a smooth gel. In a pinch, you’ll now have the same beauty weapons at your disposal.

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  • Spring Cleaning - Beauty Product Shelf Life

    Finally! Winter woes are almost behind us and it’s time to start thinking about some Spring cleaning! Don’t let your make up drawer get clogged up with old product you never use, trends change, formulations do have an actual shelf life and sometimes, it’s simply best to move on and make room for newness in your beauty stockpile.

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