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  • Colorful Ombré Brows

    Tinting the brows with full octane color can be a fun way to change your appearance for the day. Using eyeshadow to paint the brow allows you to experiment without making a big commitment to a strong makeup statement. It’s a highly visual look ideal for photography, and can be an outrageous style shift for clubbing!

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  • Lightening Your Eyebrows

    Lightening the brows is an easy way to transform your entire face! There are several reasons one may choose to lighten the brow hairs…it depends on whether you are seeking statement and emphasis, or just a little color correction.

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Wearing False Lashes

    For flirty lashes that add some serious wow factor, you simply need to know how to apply, how to remove and how to reuse! At what stage of make up application is lash adhesion best attempted? You’ll also learn exactly when to apply lashes, and how to properly blend lashes together with your own for a natural look.

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  • How Cheeky of You

    Blush. What is the best formula for your needs? Where and how to apply!

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  • No Surgery Nose Job

    Is your nose a little long? A bit wide? Everyone wants perfection but surgery is a big move for more extreme cases, and it’s easy to reshape and balance minor issues without surgery! Let the pro’s here at VL guide you through a few quick steps to contour your nose in no time.

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  • Makeup Mishaps

    Makeup Mishaps - Beauty no-no’ could happen to you!

    Makeup mishaps happen to the best of us, but with the right tools you can fix yourself up easily! From streaky foundation to uneven eyeliner, we have a solution for every cosmetic woe.

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  • Ombre Lips

    The ombre runway trend continues full steam ahead, from your hair to your favorite summer dress – everything is ombre! Carry forward the look into your cosmetic wardrobe as well with a little help from the VL team of makeup professionals.

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  • Bridal Makeup Look #2

    Soft sand, crashing waves, bright blue skies as far as the eye can see…destination weddings make for a memorable experience for not only the bride and groom; a beachside party feels like a vacation for everyone!

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  • Makeup Touch Up Tips

    Heading directly out for dinner or drinks after work? After a long day at the office, your make up could probably use a little refreshing. Or maybe it’s a date and you want to add evening drama? Let the VL experts guide you along the touch up trail!

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  • Classic Makeup Looks

    Timeless make up focuses on the basics of beauty, it begins with even skin that appears clean, yet flawless. Cosmetic colors should remain neutral, highlighting your eyes and lips with understated tones.

    Enhance your natural facial features and create symmetry to achieve a truly classic look that transcends time.

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