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  • Supercharge Your Look: The Modern Pin-Up

    Modernize the traditional ‘pinup girl’ look with a dramatic pop art color statement. You can choose whether to elongate, angle or tilt the shadow shape to best emphasize your facial features. Outlining the shape on the eye before adding powder helps to manage the application process easily, for mistake-proof results at home!

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  • How To Cut The Crease

    The cut crease is a new way to add sophisticated drama; depth along the natural arc of the eye is emphasized for stylish impact. It is a little more polished than a smoky look, but has the same effect of drawing everyone’s attention upwards to your beautiful eyes!

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  • Holiday Makeup Look #3

    Smoky, sultry eyes draw attention with the ideal blending of multiple dark shades. From a deep rosy-toned bronze to malty chocolate, color combining adds depth and dimension to the eye. Continuing (Holiday Makeup Look #1, Holiday Makeup Look #2 Blog our series on make up for the many celebrationsRead More

  • Green With Envy

    Going green can wreak havoc on your cosmetic confidence, leaving you adrift in a sea of teal, emerald and olive tones, wondering what matches what! Choosing complementary shades makes the look more approachable, you can go subtle or be bold. Up your make up acumen, leaving others green with envy!

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  • Mermaid Chic

    Sometimes it’s good to be dramatic and overdo things! We loved the heavy application of color at Versace’s Fall 2014 Couture show, but that mermaid chic eye can be difficult to reproduce at home. From runway to the real-way…the VL team of professionals are backstage interpreting trends and here we pass on the secrets of high fashion editorial beauty to you. Be fearless and have fun playing with your make up! It’s a super heightened look with serious attitude that works whether styled with leather or lace!

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  • Shadow and Liner Soul Mates

    Experimenting with color can leave you in the dark as to how to pair up products that go beyond your usual cosmetic spectrum. Richly pigmented shades of blue, green and purple can really pop the natural nuances of the eye, but matching up shadows to bright liners can be tricky (particularly if you are seeking something office-friendly!). To make a vibrant eyeliner more every day wearable, tone down the loud look with a soft shadow palette.

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  • Day To Night Cat Eye

    In need of a stylish cosmetic magic trick that easily transitions from day to night? Try a classic cat eye, toned down with a minimal amount of guise for work, and then pumped up for a late night look you can create in no time!

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  • Costume Beauty - Cleopatra

    It’s Halloween and this year you are Queen Cleopatra, with eyeshadow to match the waters of the Nile. The high drama of ancient Egyptian kohl translates perfectly for the modern woman in search of costume beauty!

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  • Leopard Eyeshadow

    Looking for a fun fall look that’s fluent in the language of unexpected cool? Try bringing out the animal within by creating a leopard print shadow design for your lids! Whether you are simply playing dress up for Halloween or want something distinctive for a night out, the VL experts can help you transform your look with just a few steps.

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  • Homecoming Look 2

    Focus on the eye for a sultry look that will get you noticed! A smoldering shade of purple complements every eye color, highlighting brown, blue and green eyes with a contrasting shock of shadow.

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