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The Brush Up

Having a handful of key brushes is essential to expert makeup application. Good brushes have the skills designed within so the user can focus on technique. You’ll want to build n arsenal of cosmetic tools so that’s you always have the right brush for the job!

In need of something beyond basic enhancement? It’s a good idea to stock more than one brush for that particular facial feature. For example, creating cheekbones where DNA has failed to do so? This requires a soft blush brush to apply and blend the color, as well as a contour brush to cheat in the shading of areas.

Choosing the brush material is all about the end result! Natural brushes are better for dry products like blush and eyeshadow, whereas synthetic brushes are best suited for cream or liquid products (like concealer or foundation) because synthetics soak up less product than natural hair.

Choose the brush size and density based on your personal needs, from foundation to eyeliner, you’ll find a fit that works.

Foundation Brush #37 - The generous size and narrow head of this synthetic brush allows for the smooth and even application of both liquid and cream based foundations.

Makeup Brushes

Concealer Brush #25 - This firm, narrow brush is tapered at the end and allows you to brush on concealer in a concentrated area. The small size and narrow head allows for exact placement of concealer around the eye area and in fine lines and creases.

Makeup Brushes

Deluxe Powder Brush #30 - This is the most common and versatile of all brushes and should be in every makeup collection. It is a large sized brush that can be used to apply any type of powder product, from blush to bronzer.

Makeup Brushes

Flat Eyeshadow Brush #33 - Use this brush to apply any type of eyeshadow. The bristles are just right for laying down color. Designed to create depth and define the shape of the eyes, it has a stiff and narrow head that is perfect for applying darker shades of shadow to the outer corners of the eyelid.

Small Eyeshadow Brush #18 - This brush is perfect for blending in your eye shadow along the crease. The size, shape and softness make it easy to perfectly blend color.

Makeup Brushes

Eyeliner Brush #12 - This brush can be used to define your eyes. It can be used with gel eyeliners or even along your crease to get a more precise line. It softens and smudges eye pencil, and it can be used to blend eyeshadow powder into the lash line to add depth and set the pencil in place.

Makeup Brushes

Eyebrow/Lash Comb #10 - Use this tool for both your brows. The brush will allow you to smooth your brows down. The head is compact and the bristles are dense, so it moves through hair at the roots, lifting and adding volume.

Makeup Brushes

Lip Brush #35 - These brushes are typically tiny and allow lipstick or gloss to be applied more precisely to the lips. Soft, flexible bristles and wide, flat sides make it easy to control.

Highlighter/Sculpting Slanted Brush #29 - Angled bristles help with contouring, with its firm, medium sized head and slanted bristles, this brush enables you to contour your facial structure.

Makeup Brushes

Deluxe Velour Powder Puff - Fibers collect powder and disperse it evenly, ensuring an ultra-thin, undetectable application. Luxuriously soft, our velour puff is the professional tool of choice to invisibly apply loose or pressed powder to the skin.

Caring for your brushes is of paramount importance if you want to keep them effective and ensure that they last! Using a brush cleanser, like our Hygienic Professional Cleaner, removes product easily and effectively. Just spray the tip of your brush with 2-3 pumps of the cleaning fluid. Wrap a tissue around the brush tip and gently squeeze it between your fingers to remove product. Continue to pinch off product until the brush leaves no residue on the tissue. Let the brush sit for a minute to dry before the next use.

You can more thoroughly clean brushes with a hand washing, wet your brushes with lukewarm water then dip into a mild shampoo or specialized cleanser. Brush back and forth to work up a lather with your fingers. Gently run it under water and repeat the back and forth brushing motion until the water runs clean and there are no signs of suds. Gently squeeze out any excess water and lay flat on a towel to dry. Always lay your brushes flat (or clothes-pin them so they hang with brushes pointed downward) to avoid water dripping into the handle and ferrule.

BONUS TIP: Above all blend, blend, blend and clean brushes at least weekly - treat them like your own hair. If you have skin that is prone to breakouts, clean brushes more often.

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