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The Glossy Lid

Shiny chic, gleaming lids with high gloss reflection have impact without sacrificing neutrality. Capture the runway with an on trend look that’s ready for a real world debut!

You’ll want the base color to really stick to the lid! It must also be impervious to the gloss layer you will be placing on top later. VL’s Starlette Eye Stain has a water resistant gel formula offering extremely long wearing color. An innovative formula provides seamless suspension of rich pigment sprinkled with fairytale-like ‘starlettes’ of pearl. The transparent texture and glimmer can be layered for a more dramatic finish, plus, it’s blend-able but won’t crease. It’s the perfect foundation for the glossy lid!

The Glossy Lid - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

The Starlette Stain comes in a convenient pen that dispenses a small amount easily with each click! For a more muted application, deposit color onto a Crème/Liner Brush and apply Starlette Gel Eye Stain in Ginger Lily (a coppery shimmer) to the lid. Blend until you reach the desired intensity with a #22 Large Eyeshadow Brush. Wait a few minutes for your Starlette to thoroughly dry.

The Glossy Lid - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

Curl lashes with the Mini Lash Curler, starting from the outer corner. Clasp a small section of your lashes as close to the roots as possible. Squeeze device gently to avoid pinching delicate skin of lash line. Apply pressure and hold curler in place for 15 seconds, then release. Continue this technique moving along lash line in small increments, stopping just short of inner corner of eye.

Add two coats of Lush Length Mascara on your top and bottom lashes. The lightweight formula envelops hairs while adding volume and extending length for truly lush lashes. Argan oil hydrates and strengthens, for healthy lashes that remain unbreakable!

The Glossy Lid - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

The simple, safe way to gloss your lids is by patting a little old fashioned Vaseline on with a #36 Travel Brush. Use just a little dab and blend softly for a radiant glow!

The Glossy Lid - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

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