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  • Spring Runway Trends: Warming Up With Orange

    A hot trend from the Spring 2016 runway that is user friendly in the now, orange works like magic warming up pale winter faces with a blast of color! Shades of the sunset transform darker skins as well, giving a pumped up glow that looks modern and fresh on everyone.

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  • Setting the Mood: Romantic Make Up For Valentine's Day


    Soft, pretty make up that’s date-tastic is an absolute must on Cupid’s holiday. Whether you are planning on an intimate dinner for two or a crazy night out, your V-Day face should combine subtle sparkle and warm, sensual colors. Get glowing with golden bronze shimmer and kissable glossy red lips, for a romantic look on Valentine’s Day that will set the mood!

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  • New Year’s Detox: Perfect Your Skin

    Skin can take some abuse during the holiday season. Cosmetics with heavier formulas that contain metallic and glitter pigments can clog up pores. There are also those celebratory glasses of moisture draining champagne, to account for! Reveal new skin for the New Year with a detox program that repairs, hydrates, and protects, featuring a few of our personal beauty faves.

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  • Cangiante Demi-Mattes: New Shadows To Fall For

    Cangiante Dimensional Demi-Mattes are VL’s newest shadows, with a luxurious velvety texture that blends seamlessly and can be applied wet or dry for a variety of finishes. The formula offers extreme versatility so you can apply a sheer wash of color, or amp things up and build a saturated, dramatic, look with long wearing impact! Read More

  • Winter Trends: Jeweled Emerald Eyes

    For lush, vibrant, textural color that glows with depth and dimension, emphasize eyes by layering pearl and shimmer shadows. Jewel tones in opulent shades such as sapphire, amethyst and emerald add color complexity to fall and winter fashions!

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  • The Roaring 20s

    Smoky sophisticated eyes and deeply reddened, wine stained lips…hallmarks of the roaring 20’s party IT girl, when fashion took women in an entirely new direction! Whether you are dressing up as a flapper for Halloween, or just want to create a sultry date night look, this is a feminine option focusing on rich jewel tones. The perfect palette for fall!

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  • Creative Costuming For Halloween: Mermaid Muse

    Still seeking a great Halloween look? From a fierce feline Jungle Cat to a sweet Harlequin Doll, the VL team has you covered. Now here’s a beautiful violet shaded mermaid in all her muse-y glory!

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  • Creative Costuming For Halloween: Harlequin Doll

    Creative cosmetic magic continues as the VL team helps you get dressed for Halloween! We’ve shown you how to turn yourself into a fierce feline, next up is a sweetly unique Harlequin Doll. It’s a pretty party option that’s both feminine and fun!

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  • Simple Costuming For Halloween: Feline Jungle Cat

    The right makeup can make or break a costume, so this Halloween why not try a little creative cosmetic magic? Transform your face into a feline jungle cat, ready to pounce on your party night prey!

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  • Grooming Tips For Men

    Although as women we may envy the male population for being able to ‘roll out of bed’ and go, sometimes, guys need a little cosmetic help too. Good grooming habits don’t come naturally, a lesson that teenage girls learn quickly! Boys don’t necessarily go through the same life stages, so as an adult, your man may need some advice from the experts.

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  • Contour + Highlight Duo

    The quickie route to a sculpted look is finally here! VL’s new Contour + Highlight Duo Stylo features a distinctively creamy, easily blendable formula that sets to a powder finish. The pencil applicator allows for maximum control and works to define features for a subtly sculpted face that’s flawless. A multi-function contour and highlighter, you can effortlessly create natural definition with this dRead More

  • Fall 2015 Alternative Glamour Collection

    It’s always sad to say goodbye to the summer sunshine, but the upside is that it’s finally time to starting thinking about fabulous fall fashion! Primary plaids, jewel toned furs, luxe fabrics and cozy sweaters…the runway was filled with beautiful pieces that will have you falling for fall!

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  • Be Beautifully Boho Chic On National World Peace Day

    In celebration of a day dedicated to international harmony, revisit the boho vibe that still inspires free thinkers around the world! Best advice ever? “Make love, not war.”

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  • Get the Look: Dolce Vita Makeup - Italian Icon Sophia Loren Inspires Fall 2015 Fashion

    Dolce Vita Makeup - Vincent Longo Cosmetics

    The VL team has been busy backstage planning incredible looks for the runway, but since Fashion Week is always ahead of us, we have to reach back in time to conjure up the trends for Fall!

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  • Upgrade Your Lipstick Case

    Ever have a love-hate relationship with your makeup? Your favorite lipstick is trapped in a casing that sticks or worse, is completely cracked and useless? Now deal with repairs and mechanical snafus by transferring the product into a new, or cute vintage lipstick case (you can find some great buys on eBay!). Sometimes you love the product, but hate the packaging…so switch it out!

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  • One Product

    The hottest days of summer are here so easy, lightweight makeup should be on everyone’s cosmetic agenda! From the beach to the streets, nothing beats the versatility of VL’s Water Canvas Blush, which contains 75% Microwater with botanical seaweed extract and Vitamin E to moisturize and protect your skin. The unique cream-to-powder formula is easy to apply and gives skin a healthy-looking, long-lasting glow.

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  • Strobing

    What’s the hottest current beauty trend? Fresh, dewy, glowing skin that radiates youth and vibrancy! It’s called strobing and it’s the more evolved cousin of contouring, the technique traditionally used to sculpt and add dimension to facial features. Instead of carving out areas with matte shading, strobing uses highlighter only in spots that catch the light naturally, like your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

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  • Lip Pencil Tricks

    Tips and Tricks for under and overdrawing your lips!

    Amplify thin lips, redefine any uneven areas and create the look of your dreams! A full, luscious look is just a few steps away! Or maybe you need to tone it down a little? Whether you want to minimize or maximize, the VL professional artists can help you along the way.

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  • Summer Color - Modern Tribal

    For an editorial look that gets attention, try an unexpected pop of color! Start with a burnished summer shimmer by coloring lids, cheeks and skin with a coppery, bronzed glow. Bright purple shadow paired alongside an icy blue lip equals painted contrast, you’ll look like a modern tribal temptress who rules the city streets!

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  • Summer Looks For Caramel Skin Tones

    Darker skin tones tend to tan easily, even with daily sunscreen applications. Gradually, a burnished glow will take medium to deeper skins into territory where makeup should be swapped out. You’ll want to highlight the radiance of summer skin! Daytime cosmetics must be equipped to handle the heat, so look for stains and gels that won’t budge when faced with humidity.

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  • Wedding Makeup for Darker Skin Tones

    Beautiful you begins with the perfect look for the perfect day…a bride’s makeup should simply enhance her natural, happy glow! It’s important to choose the right products for your coloring, so if your skin falls on the darker side of the spectrum, you’ll want to avoid certain pastels and overly harsh brights. Anything too light can appear ashy in photos, while intense shades can be too severe.

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  • Popsicle Stained Lips

    Try a summer slick of color that stains and shines, just like a real popsicle would! In tribute to National Ice Cream Month, wear a bright lip in your favorite flavor for a summertime treat that costs zero calories…but makes for a super saturated, sexy smile!

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  • SUMMER Collection 2015: Modern Pop!

    Summer products should be versatile and focus entirely on enhancing summer skin. It’s time to shift to products that are lighter weight to nurture a moisture rich, dewy appearance! Your beauty routine should be simplified in these warmer months; you’ll just want to create a quick glow with a series of sheer formulas that build color and coverage according to your specific needs.

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  • Summer Collection 2015 Product Highlight: New Sheer Pigment Lipsticks

    Our newest lipsticks combine the sheer gleam of a gloss with the pigment power of a heavier formula, yet VL’s Sheer Pigment Lipsticks are so lightweight, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a balm! Enriched with Mango Butter and Vitamin E to hydrate, the silky texture leaves lips feeling soft and supple. Dress your lips in a wash of brilliant color, while nourishing with protective antioxidants to helpRead More

  • SPRING TRENDS: The Inverse Smoky Eye

    One of the hottest trends for spring is the unexpected smudge of a dark color within the inner corner of the eye, where a light color is usually placed to highlight. The inverse smoky eye is a supercharged runway look, although we are going to tame it a little! By pairing a dramatic eye with very soft tones on the lips and cheek, you’ll find that this fashion editorial look is far more wearable for everyday fashionistas everywhere!Read More

  • Abstract Marble Lip

    For the truly creative and adventurous, there is no limit to your cosmetic imagination! Taking cues from abstract art, a marble lip look communicates high editorial drama topped with a glossy coat of glamour!Read More

  • Prom Look 2 - Bright Lips

    First comes the dress, next up is cosmetic strategy! The VL pro’s have created two looks for the big dance; we’ve already shown you how to create a luxe shimmering eye. Now we focus on the lip!

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  • Prom Look 1

    First comes the dress, next up is cosmetic strategy! Practicing your prom perfect face in advance is important so that you know exactly what look you will be going for on the night of the event. Choose your make up based upon the mood that your fashion statement evokes. Diaphanous silk chiffon ruffles pairs nicely with a softly romantic style, whereas a dramatic black dress can handle graphic or smoky make up looks. Be true to your own taste and you’ll be the belle of the ball no matter what you wear!

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  • Spring 2015 - Makeup Look 2

    Our Spring 2015 Collection tutorial continues, with another amazing look inspired by our new products! We are giving you all sorts of creative ideas, from 3-minute make up to learning how one product can be worn many ways, let the VL professionals take you on a cosmetic tour of spring.

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  • Spring 2015 - Makeup Look 1

    The Canonical Collection

    Reimagine beauty this spring with Vincent Longo Cosmetics’ Canonical Collection. Rooted in the Renaissance, this collection of versatile color palettes and enlightened formulas inspires the artist within. Eyes glisten with rich, dimensional color in warm linen, silky fawn and golden obsidian. Cheeks glow with an easy one step application of highlight and lowlight in peony pink, sun-washed coral and soft bronze. Lips gleam in shades of ripe raspberry, crystalline nude and burRead More

  • GRAPHIC LINER: Creating All The Right Angles

    Donatella Versace’s take on the avant-garde came complete with modern gothic makeup to echo the angular deconstructed edge of her Versace Atelier Haute Couture show (in Paris this past January). Draped satin and sequins juxtaposed against metal hardware and leather buckles created glamorous contrast; the clothing demands a graphic cosmetic statement to match!

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  • Bombshell Makeup Made Easy!

    Be a bombshell with little effort! By using a classic combination of just three colors, you can build a smoky-eyed look worthy of vixen status! Create balance with neutrals for the remainder of your features, a peachy nude lip and subdued cheek highlight without competing.

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  • Oxblood Everything

    Oxblood? It’s one of those things that looks better than it sounds…a beautiful deep burgundy wine color with hints of chocolate and plum. It’s a high-end editorial hue in fashion and beauty circles, communicating both passion and power!

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  • V-Day Date Night Look 2: Soft Smoky Seductress

    Whether you want to smolder or shimmer on Valentine’s Day, we have you covered with 2 great looks for creating romance on the most important date night of the year!

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  • V-Day Date Night Look 1: The Gilded Peach

    It’s time to formulate your cosmetic plan of attack for the most important date night of the year!

    Whether you want to smolder or shimmer, we have you covered with 2 great looks for creating romance on Valentine’s Day. This first look, a sparkling combo of peach and gold for a subtle glow. The next? A softly smoky look, for those seeking a little sexy!

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  • Kissable Lips For Valentines Day

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to play up your pout with a bright red or pink lip that fits the holiday theme! There are many shade variations and finishes to choose from, so you’ll definitely find the right look for romance.

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  • Plump Up Your Pout: The Secret Steps To Fuller Lips

    Fake your way to juicy, fuller, luscious lips in no time! These secret steps to pillow lips will supercharge your smile without the pain and expense of augmentation injections. Enhancing and amplifying your natural lip line with a combination of shadow and light can add big results with little effort.

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  • Trends You Need To Know: Dark Romance

    Dusky florals have been ruling the runway, taking the traditional femininity of big blooms into darker realms. Deep shades of plum, navy, black, charcoal and chocolate feel less like spring…think more along the lines of a mystical winter garden!

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  • Supercharge Your Look: The Modern Pin-Up

    Modernize the traditional ‘pinup girl’ look with a dramatic pop art color statement. You can choose whether to elongate, angle or tilt the shadow shape to best emphasize your facial features. Outlining the shape on the eye before adding powder helps to manage the application process easily, for mistake-proof results at home!

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  • Monochromatic Looks

    Monochromatic makeup can be difficult to pull off when taken too literally; cosmetic overkill can easily happen when using one shade to highlight every feature. By pairing different hues within the same color family in a multitude of textures and finishes, you can amplify the base color yet create a wearable look.

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  • How To Create 5 Minute Holiday Make Up In 5 Easy Steps

    A few extra moments worth of time can be tough to come by while you're navigating the festive frenzy of the holiday season! That's why we've broken this seasonally appropriate makeup look down into a lightning quick tutorial with five simple steps delivering you directly to cosmetics success!

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  • Holiday Makeup Look #3

    Smoky, sultry eyes draw attention with the ideal blending of multiple dark shades. From a deep rosy-toned bronze to malty chocolate, color combining adds depth and dimension to the eye. Continuing (Holiday Makeup Look #1, Holiday Makeup Look #2 Blog our series on make up for the many celebrationsRead More

  • Holiday Makeup Look #2

    A golden glow with a pop of red on the lip brings a traditional holiday color theme to life; continuing our series on make up for the many celebrations coming your way this season, here’s another holiday perfect party look!

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  • Holiday Look 1 - Soft Shimmering Eye with Berry Lip

    Holiday parties demand a cosmetic plan of attack! A work related function calls for soft makeup that emphasizes without being overly dramatic, while a glamorous cocktail party gives you an excuse to go all out with smoky, sexy eyes. The VL artistry team has you covered with holiday looks for all occasions, so tune in over the few weeks as we show you how to create multiple holiday looks that can be tailored to match the many celebrations coming your way!

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  • Makeup For Headshots

    A headshot is usually the first, and sometimes the only chance you have to make an impression. You’ll want to hide imperfections from the camera’s flash while adding effective cosmetic enhancement, for a professional photo that gets you noticed!

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  • Mattify Your Lipstick

    A great way to update your favorite lipstick is to draw the shine out, effectively matte-ing the surface of your lips after application. Any lipstick can be texturally altered to create an even, matte appearance. It’s a quick transformation that professional make up artists use behind the scenes, a popular trick that we now pass on to you!

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  • Homecoming Look 1


    Homecoming Looks: Wine Drenched Lips & Sheer Shimmer Eye

    It’s easy to create the ultimate glamour girl glow for the dance! A bold wine lip is on trend this season, giving lips dark drenched drama. Pair it up with a gentle version of the classic winged liner and pearly shadow for a pin up look that’s soft, feminine and sexy!

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  • 4 Looks 1 Lippy

    Your lipstick has more than one life to live. The right combination of products can transform the formula base infusing shimmer and sparkle or sheer-ify a matte opaque. You have the option to coax multiple styles out of your everyday lipstick, wear it however you like!

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  • Berry Lip

    Get in on all the beautiful berries just waiting to be picked this season! The versatility of this feminine shade works well on all skin tones, making it an exceptionally easy trend to wear. From shimmering pink hued jewels to the deepest red wine, there is a VL berry for every mood.

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  • Getting Red Right

    Achieving the perfect red lip requires risk and balance; here are some tips to getting it right!

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  • Preparing Skin for Makeup Application

    To achieve a look that stays put all day long, start with smooth dry skin that has been properly prepped! With just a few easy steps, you can ensure that the makeup you apply in the morning wears better, giving your face a fresh, vibrant glow that lasts until you take it off.

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  • Iconic Beauty Looks Makeup Tutorial: Elizabeth Taylor

    We look to style icons for all out glamour and no one did it better than Elizabeth Taylor. Identified by her unusual violet eyes, Taylor played up her best feature with bold, shaped brows and dark smoldering eye makeup for dramatic polish. A bright lip finishes the look that’s easy to recreate with a few tips courtesy of the VL pro’s!

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  • Makeup for a Job Interview

    Makeup for a Job interview - Clean and Professional Look

    The key to looking great on an interview is soft makeup that looks polished and professional. You’ll want to look your best and accentuate facial features without overtly distracting. Ace that interview with cosmetic confidence!

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  • 5 Chic Summer Makeup Looks That Use Only 3 Products Each Part Two

    Summer trends should be easy and give you an effortless glow that works between sun up and sundown. We worked with to create a series of inspirational how-to’s that focus on quick summer beauty at it’s best! With just a few steps you can highlight eyes, lips and cheeks – go soft and choose a natural palette, or heat things up with summery brights!

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  • 5 Chic Summer Makeup Looks That Use Only 3 Products Each

    Summer trends should be easy and give you an effortless glow that works beginning at sun up -- all the way through to sundown. We worked with to create a series of inspirational how-to’s that focus on quick summer beauty at it’s best! With just a few steps you can highlight eyes, lips and cheeks – go soft and choose a natural palette, or heat things up with summery brights!

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  • Makeup Mishaps

    Makeup Mishaps - Beauty no-no’ could happen to you!

    Makeup mishaps happen to the best of us, but with the right tools you can fix yourself up easily! From streaky foundation to uneven eyeliner, we have a solution for every cosmetic woe.

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  • Beach Looks

    A beautiful day at the beach includes beautiful you, looking your absolute summer best with long wearing, sweat-proof, barely there makeup that works with, rather against, the beachy heat! You’ll want to be pretty without appearing overdone, nor does a sun goddess wish to worry about her makeup running down her face all day.

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  • Work Appropriate Makeup

    Work appropriate makeup needs to be polished and professional for meetings, but also should withstand a long day at the office. A clean, natural look applied with a light touch is the best strategy, avoid false lashes, glitter or anything too bright or dramatic. It will only appear overdone!Read More

  • Makeup Care and Storage

    You’ll want to protect your cosmetic investments by always taking good care of what you buy – makeup is particularly sensitive to environmental factors!

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  • Ombre Lips

    The ombre runway trend continues full steam ahead, from your hair to your favorite summer dress – everything is ombre! Carry forward the look into your cosmetic wardrobe as well with a little help from the VL team of makeup professionals.

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  • Bridal Makeup Look #3

    A formal wedding calls for sophisticated glamour, so if you are pulling out all the stops to create a red carpet worthy event you’ll want your style to communicate the same level of elegance.

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  • Bridal Makeup Look #2

    Soft sand, crashing waves, bright blue skies as far as the eye can see…destination weddings make for a memorable experience for not only the bride and groom; a beachside party feels like a vacation for everyone!

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  • Bridal Makeup Look #1

    It’s your big day! You’ve met the yin to your yang, the invites are mailed, flowers arranged, cake tasted and D.J. tested, so now it’s time to focus on your personal bridal style!

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  • Makeup Touch Up Tips

    Heading directly out for dinner or drinks after work? After a long day at the office, your make up could probably use a little refreshing. Or maybe it’s a date and you want to add evening drama? Let the VL experts guide you along the touch up trail!

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  • Classic Makeup Looks

    Timeless make up focuses on the basics of beauty, it begins with even skin that appears clean, yet flawless. Cosmetic colors should remain neutral, highlighting your eyes and lips with understated tones.

    Enhance your natural facial features and create symmetry to achieve a truly classic look that transcends time.

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  • World Beauty Trends - Spotlight on Korea

    Korean beauty is all about innovation, what else would we expect from the country that brought us BB Creams and those over the top fun application methods (think the strawberry rollers - fruit for your face!)? Korean cosmetic style is always geared towards a young viewpoint and a fresh face!

    Now the East is influencing the West, opening an entirely new make up drawer of stylish looks. Between the puppy eyes and lushly stained bright gradient lips, you’ll find plenty of inspiration!

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  • Date Night Makeup

    Date night make up should be flawless yet appear effortless, you’ll just want to emphasize your own natural beauty. Playing up the up the lips or eyes is always a good bet, and something kiss-proof is a must!

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  • The Brush Up

    Having a handful of key brushes is essential to expert makeup application. Good brushes have the skills designed within so the user can focus on technique. You’ll want to build n arsenal of cosmetic tools so that’s you always have the right brush for the job!

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  • Perfect Nude Lip

    The most versatile lip look is actually a cosmetic trick intended to play up your pout, without competing with the rest of your make up! Whether you are going all out with bright Spring color, or creating a dramatic smoky eye with shades of charcoal and black, a nude lip works wonders at communicating sophisticated simplicity.

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  • Color Theory

    Follow the color theory rules or break them! When it comes to cosmetics, you can apply shades that would not naturally work together to create a beautiful effect. Makeup should be expressive and sometimes you’ll want something pretty but powerful!

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  • Vacation Makeup Look For Colder Climate

    Packing your makeup bag for a vacation begins with the road taken! Your destination dictates cosmetic need based on everything from the heat index to your activity roster.

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  • Vacation Look For Sunny Climate

    Packing your makeup bag for a vacation begins with the road taken! Your destination dictates cosmetic need based on everything from the heat index to your activity roster.

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  • Golden Glow Tutorial for Darker Skin Tones

    Darker skins sometimes require special attention to get that golden goddess glow. Sheer shades can be underwhelming, and pale colors can often appear too frosty on darker colored skin tones.

    Focus on richer shades that complement your features, while pumping up the color quotient with high-octane shimmer that both highlights and celebrates your natural beauty!

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  • Dramatic Smokey Eye

    For a special event, you’ll want to create a look with impact and drama from head to toe! After the dress and accessories are settled on, and the hairstyle decided upon, you’ll need a flawless face with star wattage. A dramatic smoky eyeshadow application draws the attention upwards, emphasizing both the color and shape of the eye.

    Keep the rest of your make up subtle, avoiding bright lipsticks that could compete and off set the balance of your features.

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  • Lipstick Finishes

    The wide array of lipsticks on display may seem intimidating, but it’s actually easy to build your lipstick wardrobe! There are three main categories for the level of pigment in lip color and within those categories, there are the subcategories of finishes.

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  • Tricks of the Makeup Trade

    The pros have lots of tips and tricks they have learned along the way, and in the event of a make up emergency, they know exactly what to do. You just need a backstage pass to see what goes on behind the scenes!

    Hack your own cosmetics case and learn how to handle dried out mascara, make lipstick last, or transform any eyeliner into a smooth gel. In a pinch, you’ll now have the same beauty weapons at your disposal.

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  • Summer Stay True Makeup

    Summer heat and humidity can degrade morning make up, leaving your face with an uneven application as the day wears on. The key is to apply long lasting products that are made to survive even in extreme conditions.

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  • Day to Night Make Up

    That natural look that you love all day long can often be a little too subtle for an outrageous night out. Whether it’s a special occasion or a big date, you’ll want to add a little sparkle to transition your makeup from daytime basic to evening glam!

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  • Best Summer Makeup Shades

    The heat is finally here! It’s time to celebrate sunshine with a cosmetic overhaul of your current beauty attitude, incorporating must have seasonal colors will help you to creatively rework your entire summer look!

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  • Pin Up Look

    The glamour ideal of a “pin up” girl is not merely a ‘look,’ it’s a style statement and a state of mind. She’s provocative, sexy and playful. She’s a scene stealer! It’s a vintage meets modern beauty, based on all those gorgeous starlets of the early motion picture business who first captured the attention of the world.

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  • Double Duty Cosmetics

    Ever wish you could simplify your routine when traveling? Or maybe you just want to be able to walk around on a daily basis without your entire beauty arsenal weighing down your workout bag? Sometimes, it is good to know what products do double duty in a pinch!

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  • Color of the Year - Radiant Orchid

    Is it purple? Is it pink? Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, is a feminine mix of both tones, with a bright fuchsia accent that transitions beautifully into the Spring and Summer seasons. Blending both cool and warm undertones, this innovative shade brightens up the entire face, imparting a healthy glow with little effort.

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  • Oscar Beauty - American Hustle

    Amy Adams may not have taken home a statuette, but she certainly wins our award for hottest actress in the most outstanding, dramatic make up! Her sexy, shimmery, circa 1970’s style in American Hustle oozed disco-fab. With a wardrobe of silk, velvet, and exaggerated luxury to match, she epitomized the classy-trashy perfection of Manhattan during the ‘Me Decade.’

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  • 6 Secrets For Kissable Lips

    Winter ravaged lips require pampering, so fight cold weather damage with a regime certain to make your pout soft and completely kissable! The frigid air outside coupled with the dry heat of an office environment can leave your lips in dire need of exfoliating and hydrating. Plus, once your lips are in super shape, you can play up fullness with the following secrets delivered straight from our make-up artist professionals here at Vincent Longo.

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